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Month: March, 2011

Happy Numbers, Kata in Lua

For my first kata, I picked Happy Numbers at Coding Kata and decided to play with Lua, which I don’t know well.

The user-story is as follows :

You are dead (yes, again). You see a long queue leading up to what you belief must be heaven’s gate. You get in line. After a few minutes of waiting you reach the gate. Suddenly you hear loud sirens, balloons and confetti rain from above.

The gate keeper says that you are the 6666th visitor today! As a reward you get to choose your reincarnation form. Cool! You think for a moment and come to the conclusion that after an unhappy life as a math teacher you want to be happy – so you decide to become a happy number!

Which one will you pick ?

The mathematical definition for happy numbers can naturally be found on wikipedia.

The point is to implement the function isHappy() which takes a number and returns true if the number is happy.

 * Check if a number is a 'happy number'
 * @param number    number to be checked
 * @return          true if parameter is a happy number
boolean isHappy (long number);

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PGF / Tikz ou comment faire de jolies figures dans votre document LaTeX

En tant qu’utilisateur de Latex, on est confronté à cette éternelle question : comment vais-je pouvoir intégrer telle figure ? Les solutions à ce problème sont multiples et (malheureusement) pas toutes adaptées à ce que l’on veut réellement faire, décryptage rapide…

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RXVT Unicode, 256 colors and Ubuntu

I’m sure many of you heard about or use rxvt-unicode (aka urxvt). This a quick link to a tutorial to make it support 256 colors, in a clean way.

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Archos 101, an open tablet ?

As well as some of us, I recently acquired a “tablet”. This little device sold by Archos was intended to be freely hackable, meaning that archos will provide means to install and boot another OS than the one currently shipped: Android.

In this post, we’ll go through with making this tablet your own (not mine, yours !), if this is possible, as promised.

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Hello World

Hello World !

Je n’ai rien à dire pour le moment, mais je peux donner un petit détail du programme :

  • Des articles sur Linux
  • Des articles sur le Libre
  • Des coups de gueule défoulatoires
  • De la musique que moi j’aime bien
  • Des invités surprises
  • Et des imprévus (parce que sinon c’est monotone)

J’ai bien conscience que le jour ou tu viendras lire ce billet, il sera enfoui sous bien d’autres. Ce sera donc une position idéale pour comparer les plans de maintenant avec la réalité d’après.

PS : et le premier smiley 🙂