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Month: May, 2011

Way to pack your icon themes in Gnome

I have long been looking for a simple tool to easily create and pack icon themes for gnome, yet the only specimens I could find on the gnome project were either outdated and broken, or non existing anymore.

I managed to uncover a functionnal (but old) python/bash script that seemed to do the trick, but it wouldn’t work with my gnome3 and GTK3 (pygtk only supports GTK up to 2.26 or something), so I decided to upgrade it. I forked it (hard) on and it is available through :

It is for now almost iso-functionnal with the previous version, the GUI hasn’t been (yet) updated but it is planned for a future version. Read the rest of this entry »

Why use OpenCL ?

You may own a nVidia graphic card with CUDA support, in this very case, you may hesitate between OpenCL and CUDA framework for parallel computing. While CUDA is very optimized for nVidia’s GPU, OpenCL is much more portable and will work in heterogeneous environment and has a CPP API !

But one thing is for sure, after spending an afternoon trying to get a simple SubBuffer to work I just want to shout : DAMN nVidia’s OpenCL IMPLEMENTATION ! This things just segfaults, that’s it:

cl_buffer_region: 0, 2359296
==18995== Jump to the invalid address stated on the next line
==18995==    at 0x0: ???
==18995==    by 0x80C2FDB: Parallel::draw_rect(int, int, int, int, int, int, int) (in ...)
==18995==    by 0x80C4E76: Capture::rect(Rect const&, int, int, Rect const&) (in ...)
==18995==    by 0x80C5F0A: Front::opaque_rect(Rect const&, int, Rect const&) (in ...)
==18995==    by 0x80C72DD: client_mod::opaque_rect(Rect const&, unsigned int) (in ...)
==18995==    by 0x80D6B4A: rdp_orders::process_opaque_rect(Stream&, client_mod*, RDPPrimaryOrderHeader const&) (in ...)
==18995==    by 0x80D69EE: rdp_orders::rdp_orders_process_orders(Stream&, int, client_mod*) (in ...)
==18995==    by 0x80D9E39: rdp_rdp::process_update_pdu(Stream&, client_mod*) (in ...)
==18995==    by 0x80D913C: rdp_rdp::process_data_pdu(Stream&, client_mod*) (in ...)
==18995==    by 0x80DABC7: mod_rdp::mod_signal() (in ...)
==18995==    by 0x80AA085: Session::step_STATE_RUNNING(timeval&) (in ...)
==18995==    by 0x80AA57C: Session::session_main_loop() (in ...)
==18995==  Address 0x0 is not stack'd, malloc'd or (recently) free'd

It feels much better once it’s out 🙂