A way to Redemption

The world of RDP is was not really sunny in term of free software, until recently.
A new RDP Proxy called ReDemPtion (got it ?) just appeared on Github.

As I’ve seen it grow for over 7 months, I can only wonder what will come out of it, such as nicer and nicer features and better support and stability. There was a long way down to debug and it’s still in
progress until the protocol layers are hardenned enough.

Here’s a selection on the current roadmap:

  • Create independant libraries with protocol layers, meaning easy and coherent implementation of clients AND servers with redemption’s library
  • Create a few sample server applications using Redemption, so it’s easy to debug RDP clients and servers
  • Make pluggable interface usable, moving toward ANY to ANY protocol proxy! Imagine X to VNC using redemption!
  • and so on…

Just imagine what will be possible! At last some simple way to transparently comunicate to Windows or Linux, using both as both. To me this means a real terminal client
when I’m stuck on Windows, for others this would mean installing Linux at work and work transparently on their Windows servers.

A bit later, I’ll tell you about the documentation system of the project.

PS : I’m NOT the author of Redemption, but I did work on it.