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The tablet that will have multipoint support

My last article about the EEE Slate and its configuration with Debian is now obsolete on one point : the touchscreen. According to launchpad Ubuntu bugs, evdev is completely fit for the task whereas evtouch is really outdated.

A fix is announced for both normal behaviour and multipoint support as of linux kernel 3.3!
It is not soon to be in Debian stable, but the info warms my heart 😉 (back to Arch!)

See you in a few weeks to verify this info.
Edit : 
Another link at ENAC (ID=0eef:a001):

EEE Slate, install notes for Debian (Cont’d)

As promised, this is some tips to make the the EEE slate work right. It is tuned for Crunchbang.
Note : I tried it with Ubuntu 10.10 yesterday and everything ran fine, except the touchscreen.

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Asus EEE Slate, an almost perfect geek tool

A few month ago I wrote a post about the archos 101 tablet. Well I must admit that I kinda lost hope on this one. One big drawback was that I wasn’t able to run my Linux distro on it at a satisfying speed. I ended up installing Uruk Droid and reading stuff, to me it is even too slow to browse those new heavy-content internet webpages.

So today’s subject is the Asus EEE Slate, my new PC/tablet.

Reading the comments on the Asus’ tablet, I realized that the drawbacks pointed out by the users were mostly unconsistent and related to the default environment provided (W7). It has an average 4h on battery (which to me is quite good in regard with the internal specs) and yeah, it is costy but less than a new macbook from Apple’s which I’m dropping too.

The equation is the following : EEE Slate = Macbook + Archos Tablet + more

What’s contained in “more” ? Well there are both the touchscreen (eGalax) and the Wacom surface (stylus and pressure support), as well as a big 64Go SSD and 4Go RAM for a little more than a kilogram.

After toying with it for a few days, and setting my environment, I can say that this tablet/PC is the most polyvalent machine I’ve ever got. A shame Asus is stopping the distribution, and shame on the consummers who just wait for shiny software without taking the hardware into consideration.

If anyone needs it, I’ll post my configuration for bluetooth and for the eGalax touchscreen, the two only thing that weren’t working out of the box.

Till then